Day 01: Ten random facts about yourself.

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I hate this part…

  1. I have many online lives… I’m know as Joey Lau, NGPriest, MegaV1 and SEVERAL other names… (I don’t remember them myself…)
  2. It took me 4 years to acquire since i entered this industry
    (Wow, this is harder than i thought it would be…)
  3. My fav colour is black… (I know this site isn’t black, but i started with (which was Blue+Black), then i obtained (which is Blue+White), but i wanted a colour scheme change Open-mouthed smile)
  4. I ran away from my first baptism Smile with tongue out I still remember that day, on the stage with some guy right infront of me, so i ran to the side and out the back, after that, i don’t remember anything…
    But i’m baptised anyways Smile with tongue out
  5. I appeared on tv as a kid, wonder if i can find any videos online? (The internet was young and youtube wasn’t invented back then…)
  6. When anyone asks me anything movie related, eg: What movie are you watching? (or anything related), you’ll most likely get this answer: Harry Potter Smile with tongue out
  7. I like travelling, i think? I just hate having to pack before the trip…
    I normally pack everything within the 1 hour before we have to depart for the airport…
  8. Pets i want to get, but not allowed to (due to Queensland laws…)
    1. Chinchilla
    2. Paranah
    3. I forgot… Ask my sisters…
  9. I’m working full time on contracted jobs Smile with tongue out (Which sounds weird if you think about it..)
    Hmm, full time = I’m on full time support 24/7, but i’m able to be contracted by other people?
    Like 2 jobs at once Smile with tongue out
  10. Other stuff about me… Read my “About Me” page, somewhere on my blog…
    Too lazy to find and/or link it…

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