Getting to know me

I’m starting to run out of stuff to blog about, as well as time…

Anyways, i do read ALOT of other blogs and i wanted to try this one out:

Day 01: Ten random facts about yourself.
Day 02: Nine things you do every day.
Day 03: Eight things that annoy you.
Day 04: Seven fears / phobias.
Day 05: Six songs that you’re addicted to.
Day 06: Five things you can’t live without.
Day 07: Four memories you won’t forget.
Day 08: Three words you can’t go a day without using.
Day 09: Two things you wish you could do.
Day 10: One person you can trust.

Sounds fun?
It’ll be even funner for me, since like more professional bloggers, i’ll write 10 posts tonight, then schedule them to post for the next 10 days at exactly [insert time here]. How does 6am sound? Smile with tongue out

I was going to teach this to 2 other bloggers, but they were too busy to learn…

Oh wells, let’s get started…
Or am i too lazy to begin? Confused smile

(Yes, i know funner isn’t a word… Too lazy to find a better word…)

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