Australia Building Fence At Slovenian Border

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Heroes Reborn: Enigma

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Implosion – Never Lose Hope

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YouTube Red

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Ad-free videos? Already have that with uBlock uBlock/uBlock Origin

Save offline? Already have that with JDownloader

Background play? That sounds interesting? Let’s look into it?

And looks like it’s not available for Australia…

Guess we’ll check back in the future?

The Executive

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Chome Mailto Handler

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Note to self:


Free Steam Game: ProtoGalaxy

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Install Game

About the Game

Earth is under siege!

A mysterious and powerful alien race has come to enslave the entire galaxy, and your fleet is humanity’s last hope. You must put an end to the attacks and rebuild a home for the survivors. With the invaders in hot pursuit, and the dangers of the unexplored at every turn, do you have what it takes to forge a new galaxy?

Key features:

  • Team up with up to 4 players and explore the galaxy.
  • Enjoy challenging action, smart puzzles, and deep adventure.
  • Customize your ship with a huge selection of parts.
  • Use physics to solve puzzles or defeat your enemies.
  • Create your own galaxy using the built in editor.
  • Download new galaxies from other players for endless gameplay.

Proto Defense DLC

Source Studio is pleased to announce it’s first Arcade map: Proto Defense!

Proto Defense is the first online multiplayer co-op turret defense game for ProtoGalaxy. Team up with your friends to defend Earth from alien invaders in this unique turret defense experience.

Key features:

  • Team up to defend Earth from alien invaders.
  • Pick from a big selection of turrets.
  • Reposition your turrets at any time to deal extra damage.
  • Take down huge bosses.
  • Compete in leaderboards for the highest score.
  • Tackle 8 new challenging achievements.
  • Built using the ProtoGalaxy Editor.M

Install Game

iOS 7.1.2

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iOS 7.1.2

This update contains improvements, bug fixes and security updates, including:

  • Improves iBeacon connectivity and stability
  • Fixes a bug with data transfer for some 3rd party accessories, including bar code scanners
  • Corrects an issue with data protection class of Mail attachments

iPhone 4 A1332 GSM Torrent
iPhone 4 A1332 GSM Rev A
iPhone 4 A1349 CDMA
iPhone 4S A1387 A1431 GSM+CDMA Torrent
iPhone 5 A1428 GSM Torrent
iPhone 5 A1429 A1442 GSM+CDMA Torrent
iPhone 5c A1456 A1532 GSM
iPhone 5c A1507 A1516 A1526 A1529 Global
iPhone 5s A1433A1533 GSM
iPhone 5s A1457 A1518 A1528 A1530 Global

iPad 2 A1395 Wi-Fi
iPad 2 A1396 GSM
iPad 2 A1397 CDMA
iPad 2 A1395 Wi-Fi Rev A
iPad mini 1G A1432 Wi-Fi
iPad mini 1G A1454 GSM
iPad mini 1G A1455 GSM+CDMA

iPad 3 A1416 Wi-Fi
iPad 3 A1403 GSM+CDMA
iPad 3 A1430 GSM
iPad 4 A1458 Wi-Fi
iPad 4 A1459 GSM
iPad 4 A1460 GSM+CDMA

iPad Air A1474 Wi-Fi
iPad Air A1475 Cellular
iPad Air A???? Cellular (J73ap)
iPad mini 2G A1489 Wi-Fi
iPad mini 2G A1517 Cellular
iPad mini 2G A???? Cellular (J87ap)

iPod touch 5G A1421

M1keILL’s Game Wont Load After Recent Update

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(more…) Podcast

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I like listening to the Podcasts…

But i find it a hassle to scroll down…
Yes, i am THAT lazy…


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