Sorry for the downtime

Hi everyone!
Sorry for the recent downtime.
My hosting with netregistry seem to have gone down (and yet, they keep telling me that my MySQL server was still online? :S)
Anyways, they kinda lost ALL my image on, the mobile site on, images for and other various sites…

Anyways, as you can see the site has been down for around 3 weeks…

Week 1 = Waiting for netregistry to get everything back up and running… (and bought a new server)
Week 2 = Waiting abit longer for netregistry to get everything up and running… (attempted to copy all the files to the new server)
Week 3 = Config the new server, since netregistry isn’t doing anything anymore…?

I’ll be slowly migrating all client’s sites over and if you’re having any problems, contact me via the Contact Page (and if it’s broken, there’s always FB and/or Twitter! :D)

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