I feel alone…

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Back awhile ago, i used to post (not sure what to call wall posts) and tweets and the only person to reply them was my friend (and my current ex-gf)…

Anyways, we went out shortly after awhile and i lent her an iPhone 3GS since her other 2 phones weren’t working properly and so she could send me messages (for free!)

Anyways, we broke up and today, i got my iPhone back and i feel lonelier than i’ve ever been…

I guess it’s losing another friend… I don’t like losing my friends…

I heard from a sermon that relationships destroy friendships… Maybe that’s true…

Maybe i should stay single? To preserve all the few friendships i have left?

"I though about a lot of things, like…where I was, what I’d got myself into. I started to feel…light-headed, and then, sleepy. … I think I had a dream – a dream of being alone. I wanted someone – anyone – beside me, so I wouldn’t have to feel alone anymore."

—Tidus’s retrospective

What should i do now?

I’m so confused…

Not Alone – Linkin Park

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  1. Mirry says:

    You’re not alone. Everyone feels like that once in awhile, but just remember there are people out there who care for you and love you. Even if you lose one friendship now, who’s to say that you won’t gain more in the future? Relationships are always risky but one day, it’ll be worth it when you find that friendship which lasts forever.

    • Joey Lau says:

      Thanks for that, it really makes me happy to see people are reading my posts…
      I wished i could find out who you are and get to know you?
      All i know is that you’re from Sydney, where i was born :p

      I don’t want to my friends… Since yeah, if you like, have your ex in the room or something?
      Anyways, thanks for reading? :S

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