Dog destroys Dead Space 2 disc, Visceral replaces with signed copy

There are lots of ways to get your favorite video game signed by the developers. You could win a contest, corner the developers at a conference and, of course, stalk them. Now, thanks to a Dead Space fan named Ashley, there’s another method — have your dog destroy the disc.

Whilst playing her brand new copy of Dead Space 2, it seems Ashley’s dog knocked over her Xbox 360, irreparably damaging the disc. Naturally, Ashley did what anyone would do in that situation: She shared her woes on Twitter. Visceral art director Ian Milham spotted her tweets, asked for her address and sent her the goodies seen above. Yes, that is a hand-drawn picture of Isaac Clarke scolding Ashley’s dog next to a (very) signed copy of Dead Space 2.

Truly, it’s a heart-warming story about one of the most disgusting video games around — and more tolerable as marketing than the "Your Mom Hates This" campaign. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have to go coat this Halo: Reach disc with peanut butter.


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