Today and Tomorrow Channel (5th Sep 2010)

Love: 5/5 (This is a perfect day to spend with the person you care about most. Let them know how special they are to you.)
Work: 2/5 (Opinions are starkly divided at work today. State your case reasonably without getting overly emotional.)
Study: 5/5 (You’re on fire today and will be able to cram several days’ worth of study into a single session.)
Communication: 4/5 (It will be vital to stick to your guns today and not to be influenced by the opinions of those around you.)
Money: 2/5 (Don’t ruthlessly pursue your own interests today. This is a time to give something back to the people around you.)
Lucky Colour: Hot Pink

Compatibility Tester: Meh…
Food Hints: Beef, Vegetables, Stir-fry
Fun Hints: Walk, Park, Out of the house 
Care Hints: Feet, As usual, Wash

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