Things i’ve done this week…

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Let’s see…

  • Got a car? Smile with tongue out
    Will need to redo the rego soon…
  • Got a google drive (dropbox is better Smile with tongue out)
    Use this link: (for an extra 500mb)
  • Became a Foursquare superuser?
    Finished doing 300+ Duplicate checks Smile with tongue out
  • Finished watching the 5th Naruto Movie…
    (Gabe, you can watch it next month Smile with tongue out)

I had other things i wanted to type…
But i somehow forgot while waiting for WLW to load up…

Things i plan to do…

  1. Finish watching Fruits Basket (Yes, i’m sure it’s fruits and not fruit)
  2. Start and finish watching D.N.Angel
  3. Get up to date with 07 Ghost
  4. Get up to date with Naruto Shippuden Anime
  5. Sleep more after doing “Things i plan to do, 1 to 4…)

If you want to use dropbox, use this link: (for an extra 500mb)

Here’s a shoutout to Gabe and Yvonne, been my friends since the beginning and always being there for me…
Don’t know what i’ll do without you… (And no, i won’t stop asking about Joana (Smile with tongue out or Winking smile))

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