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Today and Tomorrow Channel (12th Sep 2010)

Today’s Luck: 68 Points
Love: 4/5 (You’ve got a lot on your plate today and no time to focus on your love life. Don’t panic – tomorrow’s bound to be better.)
Work: 2/5 (If you spot a problem, do your best to nip it in the bud. If you delay, it may be too late.)
Study: 3/5 (Once you learn the basic rule, things will start to fall into place. A day to focus on the fundamentals.)
Communication: 4/5 (You’ll finally cross the finish line and achieve a goal that you and those around you have been working towards.)
Money: 3/5 (Today, you may feel an overwhelming urge to buy an item that’s of no practical use, but if it cheers you up, it’s worth it!)
Lucky Colour: Gold

Compatibility Tester: Meh…
Food Hints: Rice, Vegetables, Light
Fun Hints: Out of the house, Ride, As you like
Care Hints: Around computer, Moderately, Tidy

Today and Tomorrow Channel (6th Sep 2010)

I had it on my Wii for awhile, but rarely used it…
I promised AnewDestiny i’ll blog more, but never got around to it

Anyways, luckiest person? (I came 4th?)

Love: 2/5 (If you find yourself confused about your true emotions, take some time to think about what’s most important to you.)
Work: 4/5 (If work hasn’t been going smoothly recently, today is the ideal chance to start turning things around.)
Study: 3/5 (Persevere with practice questions today, no matter how dull or repetitive they may seem to be.)
Communication: 2/5 (If someone steps over the line today, tell them politely but firmly where the limits are.)
Money: 4/5 (A sudden windfall could see you painting the town red. Don’t feel guilty – you should let your hair down sometimes.)
Lucky Colour: Blue

Compatibility Tester: Meh…
Food Hints: Potatoes, Local Food, Seafood
Fun Hints: Tropical, Read, Comic book
Care Hints: Bookcase, Moderately, Tidy