I was surfing the internet and found a picture.

So i decided to track down the source of the poem.
And i found these:

The love that cannot be

There is a love I wish to embrace
Though it cannot be, and this I hate
I love you, yes I admit
And I doubt that I will ever quit
Until the day you realise
Why I stare so lovingly into your eyes

Your beautiful smile, your gorgeous face
The way you carry yourself with such grace
You make me laugh, you make me cry
You really make me wonder why
I love you and just can’t let go
And not being with you hurts me so

Some people say it’s not meant to be
But all I want is you and me
I guess now it’s time to give up hope
I’m just not sure how I will cope
You always were, you will always be
My love, the one that cannot be

Matthew Winter

and (can’t seem to find the image for this poem…)

A broken heart

My heart is broken
Split in two
Out floods memories of me and you
From the first time we met
I can never regret
I love you

You made me so happy
I could walk on air
From just one glance or a flick of your hair
You made me whole
You made me complete
I love you

My heart is still broken
And it bleeds just for you
You were my darling
My sweetheart
I loved you

Matthew Winter

Anyways, enjoy! Smile with tongue out

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