It looks like like this…

So, time to discuss with the public:

4:29 PM – NGPriest: Australia got pet-fi now 😀
4:29 PM – Wispu-Kun: pet-fi?
4:31 PM – NGPriest: Here:
4:32 PM – Wispu-Kun: lol
4:33 PM – Wispu-Kun: if the cat runs away then you’ll have no more internet
4:33 PM – Wispu-Kun: I find it easier to just place the wifi down or something
4:33 PM – Wispu-Kun: but Idk, there are many preferences.
4:33 PM – NGPriest: With Pet-Fi, you will never have to worry about running out of batteries. Utilising your pet’s kinetic energy, Pet-Fi harnesses the energy generated by your pet’s movement to stay charged. If your pet’s lazy sunbaking is reducing your Wi-Fi signal strength, simply rattle his or her favourite toy to grab attention and juice up your Pet-Fi.
4:34 PM – Wispu-Kun: the 3rd sentences clearly states the flaw
4:34 PM – Wispu-Kun: there’s a chance of unstable connection or no connection at all
4:35 PM – NGPriest: Reason?
4:35 PM – Wispu-Kun: when you’re playing a game, you might get disconnected without warning 😛
4:35 PM – Wispu-Kun: it said that it harnesses the kinetic energy of the pet
4:35 PM – Wispu-Kun: so if your pet lazes around without you knowing about it
4:35 PM – NGPriest: Hmm… Kick it in the balls? :p
4:36 PM – Wispu-Kun: xD
4:40 PM – NGPriest: You’ll DC everyone else if you do that :p
4:41 PM – Wispu-Kun: exactly

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