New Zealand Random Posting

I don’t think I’m an Internet addict, but I do miss my gf?
My relationship can be classified as a long distance relationship and I normally communicate via msn/fb/SMS/etc.
So I’m writing this post via my iPhone and will post it when I get back to Brisbane. And there’s no Internet at the place I’m staying…

I’m currently trying to write a php script to draw circles in boxes using variables from MySQL database. Base code is done, just need to make the database and work out how to draw the circle… (using a variable center point) (help please!)
It’s hard to code without online php libraries/sampled.

The time in Auckland is GTM+12, which is Brisbane+2 or Malaysia+4. And I have a full day of meetings.
Quite afew of my friends asked me to take pics, but this trip is business, so no time for tourism…
Maybe I should take Yii Zhu so she can take pics for me and blog about it there? (while censoring/pixelating/blurring my face)

Anyways, hope to visit my gf in Penang (if my geography is correct) during my next tourism trip (or business (whichever comes first))

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