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Hi Mom

Ryan: Hey Girl!
Girl: Hi Ryan! You’re cute
Ryan: Thanks girl, want some go out for chinese food?
Girl: Umm, sure… actually, my IBS has been acting up, so i don’t think it’s a good idea
Ryan: Oh, ok, well bye.

Nobody is going to be reading this but i’m
going to be writing a bunch of stuff anyways.
To the person who is reading this, i give you
props. I wouldn’t have spent the time to read
this. In fact, all of this probably doesn’t make
sense because we’re currently editing at like
4:15 am and we’re exhausted. ANYWAY i
just wanted to say that because you read this,
you are now better than the other %99 of the
people who didn’t read this. I don’t know what
exactly makes you better… but you are.
AND know that in your heart and in your mind
and in your heart, you and only you can
prevent forest fires. Come to think of it.. If
somkey the bear approached me in the
middle of a forest and told me not to play
with fire, i’d be so scared that he was
talking, that i’d probably try to light that bastard
on fire

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