Melbourne Trip

Brisbane Domestic Terminal
0700hr (07:00am), Fri 14 May 2010

Melbourne Virgin Blue T3 Terminal
0930hr (09:30am), Fri 14 May 2010

Melbourne Virgin Blue T3 Terminal
0700hr (07:00am), Mon 17 May 2010

Brisbane Domestic Terminal
0910hr (09:10am), Mon 17 May 2010

Virgin Blue requires all Guests to conform to minimum dress standards on all flights. All Guests must wear footwear (thongs are acceptable), shorts/pants/skirts or similar, and shirts (singlets are acceptable). Clothing displaying offensive language or symbols must not be worn.

Terms and Conditions
The Following Dangerous Goods Must Not Be Taken
You must not, under any circumstances, take the following items on a Virgin Blue, Pacific Blue or Polynesian Blue aircraft:

  • Explosives: fireworks, flares, toy gun caps.
  • Compressed Gases: gas cylinders, aerosols (other than medicines and toiletries for personal use).
  • Flammable Substances: lighter fuel, paints, thinners, firelighters, cigarette lighters containing unabsorbed lighter fuel.
  • Oxidizers: some bleaching powders, acids and chemicals.
  • Organic Peroxides: hair or textile dyes, fibreglass repair kits, certain adhesives.
  • Toxic Substances: arsenic, cyanide, weed killers.
  • Irritating Materials: tear gas devices such as mace, pepper sprays.
  • Infectious Substances: biological products and/or diagnostic specimens containing pathogens.
  • Radioactive Materials: medical or research samples, which contain radioactive sources.
  • Corrosives: acids, alkalis, wet cell batteries, caustic soda and mercury.
  • Magnetised Materials: magnetrons, instruments containing strong magnets.
  • Security-type attaché cases, cash bags or cash boxes that contain lithium batteries and/or pyrotechnic material.
  • Mechanical Engines: chainsaws, lawnmowers, brushcutters and the like.

As well as:
Weapons (guns, knives etc) are only permitted as checked baggage and special packaging and storage conditions apply.

And the classic:
Odorous Fruits: Fruits that give off offensive odours including the durian or jack fruit are not permitted as carry on checked in Baggage or freight.

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