JYF Committee Role Description


  • in charge of the overall JYF program
  • monitor/update the duty roster


  • Assist the chairperson and support the chairperson


  • meeting notes
  • email reminders and birthday reminders
  • shopping for JYF


  • manage JYF fund
  • keep receipts
  • control budget (any events, program..etc)
  • Manage offerings for the youth group’s fundraising events

Public Relations (PR)

  • JYF end of year report
  • Take photos of selected youth events
  • Photographer etc
  • Promote our youth event (eg. Ignite & Youth Sunday)

Public Relations (PR) – Web

  • contact list update
  • facebook update (JYF page)
  • JYF end of year representation slides
  • put pictures in the website following each major event
  • Decorate the room for special events


  • in charge of JYF music folder
  • introduce new songs to JYF
  • JYF performance in special church event (eg. Christmas, Youth Sunday)


  • in charge of Birthday reminders
  • work with both CMYF and EMYF
  • welcome and look after new comers
  • get visitor cards and make sure all new people are invited to come again

Senior high Representative

  • overlook year 10-12 JYFers (speak for them)

Junior High Representative

  • overlook year 7-9 JYFers (speak for them)

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