JYF Certificate


Got this yesterday, including the lanyard Open-mouthed smile

Black = Committee + Advisors + Me
Red/Blue/White = Everyone else

And i got a new mentor group
So now, i’m taking care of Boys 9-10 (Year 9-10, not 9-10 year olds Smile with tongue out)
And the other mentors are: Adam Lo and Amos Wong.

I’ll also like to congratulate the other committe members: Nelson Hsieh, Jess Lau, Anita Lau, Joash, Joseph, Angie Wong Ang Chi, Racheal Wong, Joshua Zhong Sheng Kong, Joshua Teoh, Jacob.

Also, congrats to the new Vice Chairperson Josiah Lian.

And this wouldn’t be possible without the JYF Coordinators Adam and Vicky.
And the other advisors Aaron and Amos.

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