Some people might know that i’m the owner/admin/etc of
Unfortunately, running 2 blogs does take effort keeping both maintained

Luckily, has a team of 9 Authors from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia

I will be giving that domain (and keeping it maintained/renewed/etc) to the team to play/work/etc with

BananaStatio: 23/M/KL, Malaysia
ChambyT: 16/F/Penang, Malaysia
crazymango: 15/F/Malaysia
HolySprings: 18/M/Penang, Malaysia
iPain: 14/M/Indonesia
Saphira: 15/F/Penang, Malaysia
sianzxd: 18/M/Penang, Malaysia
WingzOfChaos: 15/M/Singapore

If you would still like to join the team, feel free to email [email protected]

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to visit me at

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