iPhone 4/4S Case with External Battery

Okays, sent this out as a iMessage/Whatsapp before, since the server got DDOSed just awhile ago…
Anyways, my 2 Mophie cases costed A$99 each (i got the receipt if you want)…
So moving on, i got in contact with the distributor who is going to sell in bulk to me 😀
So right now, we have, [insert number here], for sale! 😀

They look like this:

And there’s limited stock…
So yeah, if you want to reserve them, only the [insert number here] will get them?
So, if you want one, feel free to contact me [via the Contact link above] or iMessage or Whatsapp or SMS?
And i’ll put your initials, as well as the colour (if you requested one) and see how it goes? (And first 4 and last 3 digits of your phone or email or something…)

Delivery time:
Brisbane: Tomorrow? Or the same day i buy them (or the day after)?
Sydney/Melbourne/Within Aus: Maybe send via post or next time i travel?
Malaysia: Also maybe via post or somehow get it to you :p

So, current list:

None! :p

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