Hotel City

Hotel City – The first star!

Hotel City

Welcome to the Hotel City Pre-Beta testing team!

Congratulations! You have been carefully selected from thousands of applicants to have access to this special Pre-Beta launch.

Hotel City is the new hot game from Playfish and we need your help to make it even better before we launch it to the rest of our millions of fans!

Throughout the Pre-Beta period we will contact you via e-mail to keep you up to date with changes and to ask for your feedback on features.

Meanwhile please chat and share your thoughts with the other Pre-Beta testers in our closed access Pre-Beta Forum. The password for the forum is: *************. Don’t share your password with anyone. The hotel security guard is watching!

Be aware that during the pre-beta there will be ongoing changes and potentially resets of your Hotel City player data. We will keep you informed on any planned changes.

Join us now in Hotel City and start building towards your 5 star hotel business.

Enjoy your stay!

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