Holiday! At KLIA

Decided last minute (I REALLY mean LAST minute) to go on holidays?
So, waking up at 5am (not really waking, i stayed up the ENTIRE night), went to Sunnybank to catch a coach to Cooloongatta Airport aka Gold Coast Airport.
Landing in KLIA, we kinda screwed up the connecting flight and had to reschedule the flight to the evening, which leaves us afew hours at KLIA with nothing to do?

So, after deciding what to do, we caught a bus (yeah, with a net Smile with tongue out) from KLIA LCCT to KLIA.

Since it was lunch time, why not grab a bite?

Mushroom Rice Thingy, forgot what it was called…

For me, lasagne, for the westerner i am? Smile with tongue out

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