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I like listening to the Hitz.fm Podcasts…

But i find it a hassle to scroll down…
Yes, i am THAT lazy…

Moving on, i normally use 2 extensions (as well as many others) on my browser…

(Unfortunately, i haven’t really looked into the inner workings of the extensions… :S)

Anyways, let’s get rid of the ads! 😀

<header class="row">

<ol class="breadcrumb"></ol> <– The part that says "Home Station Shows New Morning Crew Podcast"

<div class="visible-lg"><div class="VideoLikeContent"><object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="1170" height="370" data="http://www.hitz.fm/getmedia/df127ba7-5320-45da-be03-e03adf953f93/hitzMorningCrew.swf"></object></div></div> <– The Flash content…

<img src="http://www.hitz.fm/getmedia/ed9a97d8-ba07-4deb-8ccc-263d03ff2b67/hitzMorningCrew_header_mobile.aspx" class="visible-xs"> <– Since most mobiles can't display flash content, this is the image as a placeholder…

<div id="nav-inside text-center"></div> <– The rest of the menu…


If we don’t want the breadcrumb and menu, we can just get rid of the header element…
But if we do, so what should we do? :p

Adblock is easy…

www.hitz.fm##DIV[class=”row content”]

Stylish takes more effort, but you can do more…?

.visible-lg{display:none !important;}
#inside{background-image:none !important;}

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