Geotagged post?

Decided to blog from my iPhone.
Well, as soon as I started writing this post, it asked me for my location?
I guess it might add a map of my location?

Finished work at 9pm-ish today, even though we close at 5:30pm?
Not planning to work next week or the week after. Planning on sleeping.

I hate dreaming, I have no plans for the future, I hate dreaming of impossible things that won’t happen. Sorry if what I’m saying is too negative, but I really find it pointless to attempt any of my dreams.

Happy BDay Jess…
May yours be more entertaining than mine.
I remember mine last year, insomnia… I slept through it all while everyone celebrated it around me. I find no point in celebrating it… just 1 year closer to the day I die…

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