Finding tweets with TweetDeck

I got bored tonight and decided, hey, let’s find some tweets near me.
But i typed in:


And i got a screen full of job ads, maybe i used the wrong conditions?
After checking the list of conditions, i should have used “near:”


Okay, that finally works Open-mouthed smile

Then, since it keeps updating, why don’t i put it into TweetDeck
But if i try it, the column keeps loading, but loads nothing…
I even tried it in Seesmic Desktop 2, but also no results… (So i guess TweetDeck wasn’t the problem)
Doing some research that, seems you can’t use “near:” in the search, but “geocode”

After trying to work out the geotag, it FINALLY works! Open-mouthed smile

Radius = How far from the geocode you want to find tweets for

Anyways, loaded up the columns and i’ll let TweetDeck find anyone tweeting tonight Open-mouthed smile

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