Dota 2 Update – September 21st, 2012


  • Added Meepo!
  • Added Meepo!
  • Added Meepo!
  • Added Meepo!
  • Added Meepo!
  • In the Test client, heroes will now randomly equip cosmetic items every time they spawn.


  • Pugna: Fixed Nether Ward briefly registering the incorrect team right after casting.
  • Wisp: Fixed being able to Teleport a Tethered creep to the enemy base.
  • Lich: Fixed Chain Frost being dodge-able.


  • The buyback button is no longer shown when the hero is reincarnating.
  • Shift clicking a recipe now puts it in quickbuy.
  • Fixed misaligned tooltips in the combine tree.
  • Pennants now work for any game that’s part of a tournament.
  • New broadcaster select dialog.
  • Added animated Firstblood, killstreaks and multikills notifications.
  • Reduced opposing-team pause resume time down to 5 seconds (from 30 seconds). It remains 30 seconds if a player is disconnected.
  • The top bar healthbars now show up any time a player is spectating.
  • Fixed issues with the featured hero in the profile not showing the right hero, or not animating after toggling the dashboard.
  • Stackable items now have their sellback time expired when they are stacked by a movement inside the inventory.
  • The suggested items tab is now reloaded after a player swaps heroes with someone else.
  • Added hero filter to live games list.


  • Added a effect that plays the whole time Keeper’s Mana Leak is active on a target, not just when the target moves.
  • Player’s chosen team pennant will display in the fountain area.


  • Added Lich bot.
  • Added Death Prophet bot.
  • Added Viper bot.
  • Bots will now select heroes their teammates have suggested in the hero picker.
  • Increased the radius and strength of fountain avoidance.
  • Tuned the strength of bots desire to place a ward, they should be somewhat more cautious about it now.
  • Bots now wait 15 seconds after hero-picking to spring into action. This gives players the opportunity to buy their own couriers, if they want.
  • Bots will no longer try to TP out of a fight if they’re currently visible to the enemy team.
  • Bots now try to path through FoWed areas when retreating.
  • Bots now pay attention to multiple pings, and will use them to strengthen their desire to attack a hero, defend a lane, or push a lane.
  • Bots that are disabled due to missing players on the opposing team are now also invulnerable so they cannot be farmed.
  • Supports will now defer last-hitting to non-supports in their lane.
  • Bots on easier difficulty levels will now be worse at retreating out of a gank.
  • Fixed bug with the avoidance of Dark Seer’s wall (only half the wall was being avoided).
  • Slightly increased sticktoitiveness of bots overall, but moreso for medium and easy bots.
  • Made Tiny bot less likely to Avalanche when retreating (so it’s harder to harass him into using all his mana).

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