Dota 2 Update – November 8th, 2012


  • Added Reverse Captains Mode.
  • Dark Seer: Fixed Wall of Replica illusion creation timing (affects instantly dying illusions mainly).
  • Dragon Knight: Fixed Elder Dragon Form not splashing on siege units.
  • Enchantress: Fixed being unable to be healed by Nature’s Attendants if you are sleeping.
  • Enchantress: Fixed Impetus not being castable on Magic Immune enemies (still does no damage if immune on impact).
  • Gyrocopter: Homing Missile now starts 150 units in front him.
  • Huskar: Fixed Life Break not properly dispelling buffs on you when cast.
  • Lich: Fixed Chainfrost not working with Refresher.
  • Phantom Lancer: Fixed not reproducing his abilities (including stat bonuses) correctly on his Dopplewalked illusion.
  • Phantom Lancer: Fixed Dopplewalked illusions never Juxtaposing.
  • Shadow Shaman: Fixed Mass Serpent Wards having no cast point.
  • Silencer: Fixed Illusions stealing intelligence.
  • Spiritbreaker: Fixed case where he could interrupt his Charge by previously having given an attack order to his target.
  • Templar Assassin: Fixed Psionic Trap’s nearby detonate ability not always working if the trap is too far.
  • Undying: Zombies now correctly disable Blink Dagger.
  • Venomancer: Fixed Poison Sting duration not increasing per level.
  • Visage: Fixed Familiars agroing neutrals when flying over them.
  • Wisp: Fixed his Spirits dying if he gets cycloned or purged.
  • Wisp: Fixed Tether targeting magic immune allies.
  • Witch Doctor: Fixed Paralyzing Casks not bouncing between Magic Immune enemies (doesn’t stun them, but doesn’t cause the bouncing to end prematurely).
  • Witch Doctor: Fixed Death Ward not bouncing on magic immune enemies.
  • Fixed heroes being able to get stuck on each other in rare cases.
  • Fixed neutrals seeing and killing other sentry wards (as well as other non-attacking ward-type units).
  • Fixed Arcane Boots and Mekansm being unable to affected allied invulnerable units.
  • Fixed Orb of Venom doing lethal damage.
  • Fixed Neutral Gnoll’s poison attack doing lethal damage.
  • Fixed Vladmir’s Offering applying the aura when they owning unit is dead.


  • Movement speed on the HUD is now written as a total rather than two seperate numbers.
  • Fixed Disabled Tranquil Boots movement speed.
  • Updated Tranquil boots disabled icon.
  • If you miss the queue for Diretide and accept a requeue, you will be put back in the Diretide queue.
  • Adding chat bubble visualization of your current mic volume.
  • Voice Threshold and Mute Cobroadcasters settings should now persist when the game is restarted.


  • Added voice auto-gain. All voices are now brought up to a normal level. Turning off microphone boost in Windows settings is recommended.
  • Reduced the delay on voice transmission.

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