Day 02: Nine things you do every day.

Wow, another one of these questions?
Wait, they’re all like this Smile with tongue out

  1. Let’s start with the basics?
    Sleep (Well, not enough…)
  2. Eat (Also not enough… I only eat once a day…)
  3. Check my emails (like, VERY often…)
  4. Read other people’s blogs (I should add them to my blogroll…)
  5. Listen to music via iTunes or iPhone or something…
  6. Watch tv (only started recently… mainly to waste more time)
  7. Waste time! (Wished i could blog during this time, but blogging is more like work…)
  8. Chat? (How did i forget this?)
  9. Work… (As usual, except for Sundays Open-mouthed smile)
  10. Pray? (As often as i can…)

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