Blue Card

Finally got my Blue Card yesterday Open-mouthed smile


Sorry about the mass censoring…
I rarely use my middle name, not many people know it
Not sure if i should be releasing my Registration Number, i assume the “/1” is like the Malaysian IC number, where they add a –01 to your 1st IC and –02 to your 2nd and so on
And i don’t need people to be pretending to be me and copying my signature Smile with tongue out

Anyways, we’ve got JYF again this Sunday, (hopefully, we get all the music, powerpoints (why do we still call it powerpoints? That was so last year Smile with tongue out) prepared before Sunday and NOT before JYF starts…)

3 days left of schedule posts…
(My next one is going to be 30 days of junk! Open-mouthed smile)

Someone asked me what book that is…
It’s called “I lost my mobile at the mall” by Wendy Harmer

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