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Most people who buy Microsoft Office won’t use ALL the programs they provided or never found a use for them. (Feel free to leave a comment if you wish to discuss this point)

Anyways, i got the Adobe Master Collection CS5 and have almost used NOTHING of the suite? I only use Dreamweaver (to code in PHP) and Fireworks (to edit images).

Today, i was unable to login to RC (Restaurant City), so i tried using Firefox (incase Chrome was the problem?). After launching Firefox, i noticed a new toolbar?

[Note to self, Contribute is unable to insert image via pasting…]
[Another note to self, Contribute is very likely be unable to add a title to this post?]
[Last note to self, Contribute might not be able to post this post?]

Oh wells…

RC isn’t loading and it’s 0234 on the 1st Aug and i’ve got a full day tomorrow…

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