1st day of full time work :p

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Dear bloggy, (Kinda like Dear diary, but i call my blog, ‘bloggy’ (i was thinking about ‘bloggie’, but i didn’t want to violate Sony’s copyright…)

Parents went overseas, so i have to take care of the store. (Can’t name the store, due to company policy…)

Anyways, was thinking this morning, since a girl confessed her hate for me?

Her (14:56): um……i still hate u so how can i be more offended if i already hate u so much?
Her (14:57): really? didnt notice it must just cause i hate u so much

Anyways, wasn’t planning on talking to her, but ended up talking to her anyways…
I did have a girl confess her love for me in year 10, but she also chased me around school Smile with tongue out

Work starts at 9:00am, got there at 8:58am. Other staff were working already…
Then again, she did say she MIGHT be late…

Anyways, how many days of work left? 10 days, approx.

I was going to get breakfast this morning, but was too lazy to go get it…
I was going to get this…


May as well get it another day…
As for Lunch/Dinner, going to wait for one of my sisters to buy it for me… (too lazy to walk…)

Will update this post later in the day Smile with tongue out

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